What ISU Communication 1951 – Protocol for on Ice Medical Emergencies in Figure Skating Reminds Me of

In case you haven’t heard yet, ISU released a new communication named “Protocol for on Ice Medical Emergencies in Figure Skating” on Jun 30.


As far as I searched on ISU archive, communications with the keyword “medical” – 4 hits, “emergency” or “emergencies” – nothing but this new one. So I believe this is the first ever official communication regarding on ice medical emergencies.

I don’t think there is any doubt about which event particularly drove this development. In fact one ISU referee even called it “Hanyu and Yan rule” when he mentioned this communication on his twitter. I don’t want to bring up that accident here, because it still hurts even to think about it. But it reminds me of the words below, words from Hanyu in post-event interview (Ichiyaake) at the Worlds. I believe it is widely reported, but I just think it matches with this decision so much.

“I think as you can see, (this season) there were really a lot of accidents, a lot of happenings. However, for me they are not all negative. Of course, physically and psychologically speaking, those might be more negative. However, when I look at the big picture, for my skating life as well as my second career afterwards, I think to have this kind of experience as a skater is not negative. Of course, for sports like rugby, people somehow can understand; but for sports like figure skating which you don’t physically fight against each other, it is so rare to clash like that, to have injuries like that, to have emergency like that, and to have advice from so many people like that. So I think from what happened this season, I came to realize I really have to play my role from now on.”



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My name is Wei, I have multiple identities, one being a freelance figure skating reporter. I don't work as a full-time reporter/writer, neither am I dedicated to figure skating. I've been reporting and writing on sports for different media since almost 10 years ago, but I only started to go to figure skating events as press from 2014, so I am new in this area. I speak native Chinese, fluent English and Japanese, and so-so Spanish, and that's why I started to receive offers from media to go to figure skating events in Asia. You can find me on Twitter https://twitter.com/pandaatlarge for English/Japanese figure skating related tweets. You may also drop me a question on http://ask.fm/pandaatlarge :)

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