WTT’15 Team China Interview 3: Did I Zayak?

The season of 2014-15 was a tough one for Nan Song. Due to injuries he had to withdraw from Grand Prix series. Later when the Worlds was held in China for the first time, he couldn’t bring out the best of him to be qualified for the free skater. Under this context, it was not difficult to understand why he looked so emotional after his free skate in the World Team Trophy.


Q: Although you made some mistakes in this competition, you seem to have a much better shape this time than at Worlds last month. How do you feel?

A: I am more relaxed mentally, I feel quite happy participating in this competition. It is my first time competing at World Team Trophy, I think it is a happy, entertaining competition, so I feel more relaxed.

Q: You have done three 2Ts in your free skate, which cost you all the points of the last combination jump. What a pity!

A: Really? I don’t think I’ve overdone the jumps, I did a 3T in my 3A combination… (after checking the protocol) Oh I see, I was wondering why my score looks quite low. It is really difficult to stay clear and take action accordingly when you were performing on the ice. Yes it was a pity.

Q: But your overall performance was quite good today, what do you think?

A: I think it was OK. As I said I was in a better mental condition, was more relaxed when I performed compared to other competitions I’ve done this season.

Q: You looked so emotional right after your free skate, what was in your mind?

A: I think today I’ve skated a more complete program compared to the others this season, so it shows my relief.

Q: Do you have any plan for next season now?

A: I have just started planning for next season, and don’t have considered much yet. I still have one more competition (note: national trophy which was held 4/25-26) to go, so I won’t plan in details until it is done. For musical choice I am only thinking about the direction, but have no decision yet.


About fswei

My name is Wei, I have multiple identities, one being a freelance figure skating reporter. I don't work as a full-time reporter/writer, neither am I dedicated to figure skating. I've been reporting and writing on sports for different media since almost 10 years ago, but I only started to go to figure skating events as press from 2014, so I am new in this area. I speak native Chinese, fluent English and Japanese, and so-so Spanish, and that's why I started to receive offers from media to go to figure skating events in Asia. You can find me on Twitter https://twitter.com/pandaatlarge for English/Japanese figure skating related tweets. You may also drop me a question on http://ask.fm/pandaatlarge :)

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