WTT’15 Team China Interview 2: Wang/Liu Set the Goal High

For people who don’t closely follow ice dancing, they are one of biggest surprises in World Team Trophy 2015. For people who have been watching them, they are still one of the biggest surprises for keeping raising the bar till the very end of the season. Last week in Tokyo, China’s Shiyue Wang/Xinyu Liu pulled out two strong performances and refreshed their personal best for both the short and free, and left many fans who haven’t paid attention to them a good impression.

photo (5)

Again this interview was translated from the full Team China interviews I published on Sina Sports, originally in Chinese.

Q: You again refreshed your personal best today, how do you feel now?

Liu: Compared to the Worlds we did a better job today, pulling out the standards we are in the training. But I just checked our protocol, we still lost some levels for some elements. So we want to continue to work hard after we go home, especially working on getting the levels, we will try to achieve in competitions what we can achieve in training.

Q: Your competition results kept getting better and better this season, how did you adjust yourselves?

Wang: It is because we set very clear goal. We had relatively high expectation to ourselves, and set a quite high goal. We hope to see us improving by every competition.

Q: What exactly is your goal?

Liu: Every time we compete we aim to break our personal best, and we’ve been working hard to achieve the goal.

Q: Compared to the top four, you are not that behind in terms of technical scores, but a bit far from them in terms of component scores. What plans do you have to improve in this area?

Liu: First of all it is skating speed, we are quite behind them when it comes to speed. Second is interpretation, how you feel the music and how you express yourself on the ice. We mainly want to focus on these ares.

Q: Have you started to think about your programs for next season?

Wang: We are still picking the music. We have some initial thoughts now, and will definitely do Waltz because it is required for the short dance, but haven’t made the decision on music.

P.S. You might have noticed during Chinese skaters’ performances and when they landed a jump or performed a beautiful element, there was always a high pitched voice cheering for them. Yes, that’s Shiyue, who is also known as the “Princess of Whistle Tone (Dolphin Voice in Chinese)” 🙂


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