WTT’15 Team China Interview 1: Who’s the Boss?

I’ve come back from World Team Trophy, exhausted yet refreshed at the same time. Now it’s time for a new post… oh wait, technically it’s not new, but a translation of the fun pieces from my interview with full Team China, every single one of these 6 skaters, post match. If you read Chinese, you may find the original interview hereThe first piece I’m gonna pick up is… Captains China! Why did I say “captains”? Shouldn’t Cong Han be the one and only captain? Check it out!


Q: This is your last competition this season, how do you feel now?

Sui: Overall we’ve performed ourselves. But I’ve made a mistake on the solo jump, lost some points there, so left a little bit of regret there.

Han: Overall it was good. This is our last competition this season, and our first time competing in the World Team Trophy, everyone was so passionate in the Kiss & Cry. Regardless of which country you are representing, after your performance everyone would stand up, applause and cheer for you, I feel very honorable.

Q: In this competition the scores of SP and FS will not be combined. But if I do the maths, in fact you’ve beaten Duhamel/Radford in terms of the total scores. This is the first time in this season that someone beat the Canadian pair, what do you think about that?

Sui: We just want to focus on ourselves.

Han: Exactly, we want to improve step by step, and chase them bit by bit. Initially we’ve lost to them by more than 40 points, then we caught up by 20 something, and now you see.

Sui: We need to thank our coaches who always remind us of the details. Although we are not yet as good as them at the details, for example we have not yet achieved all level 4, we think we can do better next year.

Q:Han Cong, you come to this competition as the captain of Team China, what kind of special responsibility do you need to carry?

Sui: It’s only because he’s good at English, he does the translation for everyone.

Han: I am only the nominal captain, Sui Wenjing is the de facto captain. She is doing all the works supposed to be done by me. You see, even for this question, I am not the one who answered you the first, I needed to let the leader answer you the first. This time I was requested by our team leader, Coach Tang, to take on the role of captain. I am in charge of taking care of every teammate, preparing the team entry in the opening ceremony, and motivating everyone in the Kiss & Cry, so that they can be adapted to the atmosphere. In fact everyone is the captain, literally everyone.

Q: Then who prepared the items in the Kiss & Cry? Those superman costume, hammers, crowns…

Han: It was Sui and Zijun’s idea. They were in charge of shopping, and I was in charge of paying. As the captain, I should own this sense of responsibility.

Sui: Come on, you didn’t really pay for it, you got reimbursed by team.


About fswei

My name is Wei, I have multiple identities, one being a freelance figure skating reporter. I don't work as a full-time reporter/writer, neither am I dedicated to figure skating. I've been reporting and writing on sports for different media since almost 10 years ago, but I only started to go to figure skating events as press from 2014, so I am new in this area. I speak native Chinese, fluent English and Japanese, and so-so Spanish, and that's why I started to receive offers from media to go to figure skating events in Asia. You can find me on Twitter https://twitter.com/pandaatlarge for English/Japanese figure skating related tweets. You may also drop me a question on http://ask.fm/pandaatlarge :)

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