A Miraculous Moment of Facial Expression

Usually I don’t easily post something unless I think it is really worth reading. However, while working on the photos from the Worlds, I couldn’t help but post this one, this miraculous one. Enjoy!

By the way, this is right after I asked the question “what was the best advice that you have ever received from Brian”. A difficult one, isn’t it?

P.s. Sometimes I really wonder whether I am really bad at photographing, or I am really good at it…



About fswei

My name is Wei, I have multiple identities, one being a freelance figure skating reporter. I don't work as a full-time reporter/writer, neither am I dedicated to figure skating. I've been reporting and writing on sports for different media since almost 10 years ago, but I only started to go to figure skating events as press from 2014, so I am new in this area. I speak native Chinese, fluent English and Japanese, and so-so Spanish, and that's why I started to receive offers from media to go to figure skating events in Asia. You can find me on Twitter https://twitter.com/pandaatlarge for English/Japanese figure skating related tweets. You may also drop me a question on http://ask.fm/pandaatlarge :)

One comment

  1. Silvia

    You are the best photographer and a report. Thanks so much for sharing it


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