Flashback Friday: Memories of Worlds 2015 Men’s Free Skate Press Conference

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“Flashback Friday is a day that you share a past post or image on social media sites”, according to Urban Dictionary. Well this blog is all about the past, but still let me pick up the small pieces of memories which you’ll never see me publish in any media I work with, simply because I am worst of the worst at photographing, and some anecdotes were just too trivial to mention. Still I assume someone would like to take a look at the scenes from Worlds 2015 Men’s press conference, so hope you find it fun 🙂

Anecdote 1: After Victory Ceremony, Yuzuru was the first one among three came to press room. Since not all medalists were here, despite the moderator said we could ask question to Yuzuru only, the press were a bit hesitated and the room was filled with awkward silence. Then Yuzuru said “Please ask if you have any question, please. I haven’t done the Q&As with writing press, so please.”(「どうぞ、どうぞ。僕まだペンやっていないので、どうぞ。」)Nice consideration!


Anecdote 2: Javi seemed so exhausted and hungry when he arrived. When he saw a piece of chocolate on the table he immediately asked “Can I have it?” and without answer he took it. However he had to swallow quickly because his time to comment soon started (you may have seen this scene on J Sports broadcast).


Some more not well taken photos 







Anecdote 3: When it came to photo time after the press conference, Yuzuru and Denis helped clean the stuff on the desk so that we could take a better photo. I was standing right in front of them, and somehow I got a weird impression that two (harmless and cute) bears were running towards me… Then I somehow spoke to Yuzuru “You should have brought Winnie here, so that we can take a photo of him with Teddy.” He didn’t quite understand me at first, but then Denis showed him his Teddy and he got it. “It’s OK, we can do it tomorrow.” said Denis. But unfortunately neither of the two bears were there in the small medal ceremony 😦



About fswei

My name is Wei, I have multiple identities, one being a freelance figure skating reporter. I don't work as a full-time reporter/writer, neither am I dedicated to figure skating. I've been reporting and writing on sports for different media since almost 10 years ago, but I only started to go to figure skating events as press from 2014, so I am new in this area. I speak native Chinese, fluent English and Japanese, and so-so Spanish, and that's why I started to receive offers from media to go to figure skating events in Asia. You can find me on Twitter https://twitter.com/pandaatlarge for English/Japanese figure skating related tweets. You may also drop me a question on http://ask.fm/pandaatlarge :)


  1. burdens

    How cute they are.


  2. PJ

    Thanks for these stories!


  3. Silvia

    thank you! I really enjoy reading it


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